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Plenty to see and do!

After a much loved stay in Belize, it was time to go! So here i am in Guatemala. Much like Belize, it is lovely! There's plenty to see and do here.
Chichicastenango marke
Every Thursday and Sunday, the Chichicastenango market is a colorful, but really chaotic market that brings in vendors from around the country who come to sell their immaculate hand-made products. Besides the array of high-quality items, the atmosphere itself is enough to make the trip worthwhile. All sorts of textiles make the grade here. There's loads of women’s blouses made by the Maya women. I didn't buy anything regretfully. I just don't have the room.
The Chichicastenango market can be easily reached from Guatemala City, Antigua and Quetzaltenango.

If you like to hike you should go to the the Pacaya volcano it is one of the most, if not the most climbed volcanoes in Guatemala. Rising to an altitude of 8,371 feet, the Pacaya volcano has been continually active since 1965. Found near Lake Atitlan, you can hike the volcano by yourself, but for safety reasons and for the sake of information, it is a good idea to use a guide. One of the biggest thrills to climbing Pacaya, besides the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, is the chance you will have to peer inside its cone. And what a sight! Really, it defo worth doing!! Although, my legs are pretty saw today!! lol....

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What a beautiful place!

I've been here now for for just under two weeks. And i've loved every minute!
Mixed in with day trips, i have to admit i have been doing a lot of laying around on the beach!

My favorite thing so far is a jungle rafting trip i did for 3 days! It was amazing! So beautiful! To guide was so funny! I think he liked one of the girls on the trip. And didn't try to hard to hide it! lol..

I defiantly recommend hiring a sea kayak as well! The water is crystal clear, And it's a awesome way to see the coast line, but the cheapest and most entertaining thing to do by far is just to pick a cheep snorkel and mask and paddle around. The sea life is a real sight!

I haven't really planned where to go next? I like that feeling of not knowing where to go next. Just going with the flow.

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Mayan Ruins.

Tulum is a lovely place. Very small though. Not a lot to do. That's defo not a bad thing though!
I payed a visit to the Mayan Ruins. They were amazing!! Defo worth a see!! They're the only ones to be found alone the Caribbean coast.
They were meant to be a defense system.

Apart from that, i have done a lot of snorkeling. There some amazing sea life to see. It's great. You can get a snorkel and mask for a few dollars, and before you know it hours have pasted!! Although make sure you top up you sun screen. I burned my back quite badly!
In the evenings i've been out to dinner quite a bit. The food is really good! And there's some really good live music. Looking back on that. There seems there is a bit to do!! lol..

Anyway. Just a day or two more, then i think i will make my journey to Belize.

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Awesome beach!

After a week or so in Cancun, it was defo time to move on.

A short journey by bus to Tulum. Only an hour. After finding a hostel. I think maybe the only one!? and having a little nap. I ventured down to the beach. It is amazing!! The water's so clear, and the sand so white! Although i'm a bit envious of the beach huts people are staying in! Wish i'd seen them before i'd booked in to the hostel!! Think i might re-locate? Tomorrow i am going to go see the Mayan Ruins.

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Mexico, Cancun.

Party Town

Well, I've been in Cancun for about 2 days now. Fresh from the u.k. I kinda hit the ground running. Met some nice folks in the place i'm staying. I've just been beaching it in the day, and hitting the bars in the night. Feeling a little worse for wear already. Think my flight is catching up with me!! It is nice here, but very much a party town. Bit like an 18-30's tourist trap. Think i'll stay another couple of days, then make a move down to Talum. It's only an hour away.

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