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Just a pit stop

I've finally left Ragland! I really didn't want to! I made some really good friends up there! Mark in particular has been awesome! He basically tort me from scratch to surf. I was really getting the hang of it towards the end, and i'll defo keep it up!
I'm now in Wellington. I only got here last night. The weathers not been to great. I'm only going to stay here a couple of days to see the capital. Then catch the ferry across to Picton.

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Surfing... Or trying to!

I really like it here in Ragland. It reminds me a little of Cornwall back in England. It's a really laid back little surfer town. People are really friendly. I've made friend with a few peeps down here. They work and live in a shared place. It's quite a cool arraignment. I stay in my camper van, but they let me use the shower and everything. I just by food and cook every now and again. Plus Mark, one of the guys that lives there is teaching me how to surf! I'm not that good yet, but i love it!.. I don't really wanna move on, but i have fairly soon. I'll just enjoy it while i can!

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Camper van Road Test!

Auckland to Ragland

Took my time in Auckland. It's a City i really like. It's small enough to get around on foot, but big enough to feel like a city. Took my camper van on it's first little trip over to Waiheke island. I got the ferry over and drove round the Island. Stayed a couple of days! No problems with the Van1 It drove like a dream!! lol...

So now i'm in Ragland. Only got here today, after a short stop in in Hamilton on route, well a little out of my way, but thought i'd better have a little look. Not to impressed to tell you the truth. I like what little i've seen of Ragland though! Be it very brief so far. And my camper van's awesome!!! lol.. I should probably stop singing it's praises, before i jinx myself! lol..

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Picking up my Camper van in Auckland

Quick and easy!!!!

So i've landed in Auckland, and as arranged, my camper van awaited me at the airport. It looks great. I've already named her! Regina! I did it through a company called "buy back camper vans". The service, i have to say has been pretty awesome! It was all arranged on line. And they buy it back from me at the end of my trip! I've just driven into Auckland and booked into a hostel for a few nights to recover from the flight. Then it's out of Auckland, and off to see New Zealand!!

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I've been in Colombia about a week now. I'm staying in Bogota. I'm staying in a hostel called Alterego. It's a really nice little place. It's right in the City centre, so it's really handy!

To be honest, i've really been taking life in my stride. I had a good look around the old city. It quite breath taking place.
Me and a couple of guys from the hostel went out to eat last night at a place called Andres carne de res. The food there was awesome! it's quite a lively place. Well worth a look. The receptionist at the hostel recommended a couple of things to do which i took her up on.A hike up to Cerro de monseratte (beautiful views!). The Gold museum, i'm no artist. So i don't anything about art, but it's got some crazy art work in there!! Great fun to look around.

I've mainly just been relaxing and taking in the sights and atmosphere.

I have a flight booked for Auckland New Zealand in a few days. I was worried about buying a camper van, and selling it in Auckland. So I have decided to use a buy back system. Where they guarantee they will buy the camper van back from you when you leave Auckland.

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